Thursday, January 17, 2008

2008? What's next?

So it's 2008.. Big deal, right? What in the world will happen this year? It's hard to tell. Technology is getting faster, and smaller. Same could be said in 1998, so what else is there? Maybe someone will release a Blackberry that acts like an iPhone.. That would be news. Windows Server 2008 releases this year, I read that it could be as soon as Q2.. Not many are excited, but I bet it gets deployed faster than Vista has been on the desktop side.

I bet Microsoft misses Bill Gates more than you think they will. I liked the video form CES of him trying to find new things to do with his time. Google/YouTube it, it's funny.

Well, my good friend Ethan is half way up a Mt Kilimanjaro (spelling!). At least he can say he has accomplished something this year.

More to come.