Friday, December 5, 2008

What a year!

So, I haven't blogged much. It's strange because if you know me, you know I talk a LOT. I've seen a lot this year, as leaving Cheniere proved more difficult that I could have imagined. After a couple brief stops I think I have a home again for a while. That said, I am starting my New Years resolution early. I promise to blog more. I'm in an interesting position (again) at a company that has a lot of opportunity for me. We need an upgrade on storage, networking, management tools, etc. I will recount some of my adventures here in the hopes that others will stumble upon my ramblings and find help or at least consolation that they are not alone!

Here's to 2008, a year that we would all like to forget!
Good bye Ike, Foreclosures, Bailouts, $144 Oil, $40 Oil, Writer's Strikes..

Bring on 2009!

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